Me in my element
A older friend once told me that you can't do it all, there just isn't enough time.  I nodded in agreement at first, and then a few moments later realized that what he just said was a cop out.  You can do whatever you make time to do.  So this website isn't so much a blog, but a journal about trying to do it all that I'll be able to share with my family and friends after adventures happen, but also to be able to look back on someday with my grandkids to reminisce about how much fun I had.    

There is no Deer Trout facebook page.  No T-shirts.  No stickers.  Just words and photos on the interwebs, because as cool as it would be to keep a real journal, my handwriting kind of sucks. 

June Recap

And just like that, its July.  June 2018 was everything a northern Michigan trout angler could ask for.  The bugs showed up and the fish ...